2 comments on “Some songs deserve to be played over and over

  1. Hi Robert , happy to be connected to you via the blog
    This is absolutly WUNDERBAR , I also like this kind of music and especially singers ( both man and woman )
    I would be more than interersted to know where they played in Paris !

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    Dear Robert ,


    I was very interersted in looking for  the playing for change site !

    A gift for you :




    Let’s talk more later…



    > Message du 30/08/14 18:56 > De : “Robert Artley” > A : elisabeth.derippe@wanadoo.fr > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Some songs deserve to be played over and over > >WordPress.com

    Robert Artley posted: “This is really world music. This version of Higher Ground is a must hear and a must see. This is exactly what I am looking for. Great!”

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